UPDATE #1 - FACT - (10-31-12 @ 1:00 pm) - USAC sent out a press release early today making it official, USAC Silver Crown will be a part of the 2013 Belleville Nationals. The midgets will run a full program on Thursday and the silver crown cars will practice. Friday will be qualifying and the feature for the crown cars, and Saturday will be the final night for the midget nationals. You can read the press release by clicking HERE.

FACT - (9-27-12 @ 10:15 am) - TJSlideways.com is reporting that while at the 4 Crown Nationals at Eldora Speedway, the teams were told USAC is looking at the possibility of running the USAC Silver Crown cars at the Belleville High Banks as part of the Belleville Midget Nationals. This is an attempt to give the midget nationals a boost. The thinking is that more teams will come if they can race in both divisions. My opinion, that would be a great event to see. I've never seen the big cars race, so I would make the trip to Belleville and see an event such as this.

Also, TJ is reporting that the USAC is considering using ethanol in the cars next season instead of alcohol. The thought behind this is that the cars use less ethanol than alcohol so the teams fuel expense would decrease. I'm assuming the price of the ethanol blend would be much less than the alcohol they use, thus decreasing costs as well.

You can read all that TJ is saying about this topic by clicking HERE.

Article Credit: Brad "IBRACN" Brown