FACTS – (3-18-14 @ 8:50 am) - There are not a lot of things to be posting right now for some reason. I haven’t heard any good rumors or things that you don’t get off of press releases, therefore the lack of updates in this section. I’m going to write about some interesting things that I have observed early in the season. 1- Brady Bacon has three wins on the year in three different cars in three different tracks. His first win came at Canyon Raceway Park in his non-wing car. He followed that up with a win in the Hoffman #69 at Bubba Raceway Park. Just this past weekend he got his third win in a winged 305 at Southern New Mexico Speedway. The 2014 season is off to a good start for Brady Bacon. 2- Rico Abreu is leading the winners list for sprint car feature wins in the USA with four wins. Abreu won his first WoO feature event last weekend at Tulare’s Thunderbowl Speedway….and he earned. He started in the third position, took the lead from Terry McCarl on lap eight and never looked back. That team has things going right now with Paul Silva turning the wrenches. 3- Logan Schuchart had an impressive run over the weekend. He lead most of the race at Tulare on Friday night before steadily falling back due to an ill handling race car, he finished eighth. Saturday he went forward and got himself a runner up finish. He started sixth and looked strong all night to earn a podium finish. A lot of people learned what PaPosse already knew, the kid is a gasser and will make some noise on the WoO tour this season. The opposite can be said about his teammate Jacob Allen. Allen has failed to make a feature event yet this year on the WoO tour. He missed the first two WoO events due to illness and has struggled from there. Often one of the slowest car in qualifying, Allen has a steep learning curve ahead. I admire Bobby Allen for what he has done in his career and for what he is trying to do for Jacob’s career but throwing him to the wolves before he is ready may do more harm than good. Running on the road full time can beat you up…running poorly on the road intensifies things. I wish Jacob all the best and hope this experience adds value to his career. This is by no means an attempt to bash the kid and I hope fans don’t take it the wrong way but putting someone on the WoO tour before they are ready is tough, ask Brian Brown. 4- We all know how rabid Pennsylvania sprint car fans are and it was more evident this past weekend at Lincoln Speedway’s season opener. The weather was cool and the stands were packed. There were hundreds of fans in the infield as well. 30 cars were in the pits for the opener, no snow this year. RACN SEASON is finally here for PA fans.

Article Credit: Brad "IBRACN" Brown