UPDATE #14 - FACT - (10-29-14 @ 11:30 am CST) - Delayed again. ThePectrum.com and their writer Kevin Jenkins is reporting that Tyler was suppose to submit a plea deal yesterday but Deputy Co Attorney Rachelle Shumway asked for the delay after receiving word of new criminal charges have been filed against Tyler in California. Shumway claims that the CA law enforcement people would not cooperate with her request so she has to continue without the new information. Both sides have agreed to terms and await a signature from Tyler. The defense attorney will be in CA next week and will meet with Tyler to get his signature on the plea deal.

This will be the 11th attempt at resolving this issue. Arizona officials have resolved their charges with this case. If these new charges are found legit, he may be in violation of his probation. You can read all of this story by clicking HERE. The Spectrum and Kevin Jenkins as been pretty diligent in staying on top of this never ending story.

UPDATE #13 - FACT - (8-13-14 @ 2:30 pm CST) - The Spectrum at St. George updated the Tyler Walker case as of yesterday. They are saying that this all should come to an end next month as they expect a plea deal by Tyler and his lawyers. This is the ninth time such a hearing has been scheduled since a November trial was cancelled. He has three felony charges of evading police, illegal drug use, and five misdemeanors.

His girlfriend that was in the car had the same charges and resolved her case last May. She got all charges dropped except two drug related charges and they were reduced to misdemeanors. She was fined $3,500 of which $2,000 was suspended. Her drug treatment charges of $1,434 was credited against the remaining $1,500.

Walkers charges in Arizona from this incident has been resolved and has a hearing on August 29th for that. Now faces the charges in Utah and some in Nevada. Court records report that two weeks prior to this incident, he was arrested in California for possession of a controlled substance for sale.

There is a lot more to this story so please click HERE to read more. It sounds like he is going to get off pretty easy, to know ones surprise.

UPDATE #12 - FACT - (6-29-14 @ 9:53 pm CST) - I finally got information regarding Tyler Walker. To no surprise, the case was continued again until July 15. Thanks to Joyce Kuzmanic of the St. George News for that information.

Also, I contacted Kevin Jenkins from TheSpectrum.com. The following is his response to my email....The prosecution has apparently decided not to pursue imprisonment in the case, and has not had a lot of information when I’ve inquired about Tyler and his codefendant Raelle McDonald. Both have been scheduled to mail in their part of a plea agreement with the prosecution on several occasions, only to have the “plea by mail” delayed for another month or few while they completed drug treatment, apparently.

Raelle did finally complete a plea by mail about a month and a half ago. Tyler’s next hearing is scheduled July 15, but I can’t predict if he’ll actually be ready to complete the plea or if it will again be delayed. Raelle pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor counts of drug possession and other charges were dismissed. She is on probation for three years and was fined $3,500, with $2,000 of the amount suspended. The remaining $1,500 apparently includes a $1,000 surcharge plus interest, but she can get credit against it of up to $1,434 for the cost of her drug evaluation and treatment, plus probation fees, and I confess I’m not clear on how the math all works. But, bottom line, she has to pay $50 per month for 30 months, with a final payment of $44.30.

Tyler’s plea agreement may eventually be pretty similar, but since he was the driver I don’t know if there will be more to it than Raelle’s situation. We’ll see what happens next month.

Shortly after their arrest here, I learned of a drug-related arrest at his residence in California right around the same time as the incident here. I filed a records request with the police department there, but they took months to respond and then told me they’d lost the request and I’d have to refile it. I didn’t refile it, primarily because I’ve repeatedly expected the case to be resolved before the California department would get around to responding. When I’ve asked prosecutors here about the particulars of the California case, they’ve said they don’t know about it.

UPDATE #11 - FACT - (6-27-14 @ 9:03 pm CST) - I've been getting several emails asking me if I have an update on the Tyler Walker case. I don't. Trust me, as soon as I get anything on this, I will post it here. I will not keep it from you...:).

UPDATE #10 - FACT - (4-1-14 @ 2:45 pm) - This is no April Fools joke although it would classify as a great one....Tyler Walker was suppose to be sentenced today for his multiple state high speed chase and drug offenses. Once again it was continued until June 10th. This is crazy..ridiculous..stupid..wasting everyone's time..etc. I can't believe our judicial system sometimes.

Thanks to Scott Heineken of the St. George News for sending me this information once again.

UPDATE #9 - FACT - (3-28-14 @ 7:15 am) - An update on the story that will not end...Tyler Walker was suppose to have his sentencing hearing on March 18 but that didn't happen. The new date set for sentencing has been moved to Tuesday, April 1. How appropriate..April FOOLS Day!

UPDATE #8 - FACT - (2-7-14 @ 3:45 pm) - an update in the trial that will not end. Tyler Walker was to have his trial that was set for February 4th. At the hearing the prosecutor and defense attorney approached the Judge at the bench and after a very short private conversation the judge continued the sentencing until March 18 at 9 a.m. So, Tyler has another month and a half of freedom (at least) before he learns his fate from his drunken high speed chase that occurred well over a year ago. Thanks to Scott Heineken of the St. George News for sending me this information.

This entire thing is a joke. He is guilty, we all know he is guilty and yet he remains a free man after more than a year has passed since his arrest.

UPDATE #7 - FACT - (1-10-14 @ 5:00 pm) - And the story that will not find an ending...The Tyler Walker plea deal that was set for January 7th has been postponed again. The new hearing is scheduled for February 4th, 2014. It was delayed "in anticipation of a plea-by-mail...whatever that means. You can read the story that appeared in the STGnews.com by clicking HERE.

UPDATE #6 - FACT - (11-29-13 @ 8:15 am) - Tyler Walker will be entering a plea-by-mail on January 7, 2014 for that three state high speed chase that ended in Utah earlier this year. Facing multiple misdemeanor and felony charges, Walkers lawyer said they have scheduled a one day hearing to hear the plea-by-mail. Source: StGeorgeUtah.com 11-27-13...click HERE for the article.

UPDATE #5 - FACT - (7-19-13 @ 12:30 am) - Posted on TheSpectrum.com is an update on Tyler Walker. Walker plead not guilty in this case. he waived an evidentiary hearing in the case and asked the court to accept teh pleas through their attourney, Douglas Terry...Walker was not present in court for the hearing. The review hearing is scheduled for September 5th at 10:30 am.

Walker is being charged with three felonie counts and five misdemeanors. You can read the full article by clicking HERE.

UPDATE #4 - FACT - (5-21-13 @ 10:50 am) - An update on the never ending saga of Tyler Walker. A fan of IBRACN.com brought this article to my attention and I appreciate it. TheSpectrum.com ran a article on Tyler Walker on May 16th. It states that Tyler is scheduled to appear in court on June 13th for a review of evidence hearing in the case. The purpose is to determine if the prosecution has sufficient evidence to continue to trial.

The defense attourney stated Walker has been working on a plea deal but are going ahead with the evidencual hearing in the meantime. In the article, it states that Redondo Beach, CA police reported an arrest at Tyler's California address two weeks prior to this incident on a charge of possession of a controlled substance for sale. The story never ends for this guy.

You can read the full article by clicking HERE.

UPDATE #3 - FACT - (4-4- 13 @ 2:40 pm) - I have it confirmed from a news reporter covering the story for TheSpectrum.com that all charges are still current against Tyler Walker. They have not been dropped, altered, or changed in any way. His next court appearance is scheduled for April 15th but it is a second roll call where a trial date will be set.

On the stage of innocent until proven guilty, Tyler is a free man. I have no idea what his restrictions are regarding traveling but he could drive a sprint car in the mean time...the question is how far can he travel to race? Stay tuned...I'll keep digging.

UPDATE #2 - FACT - (4-3-13 @ 11:40 pm) - Apparently this story is being reported on in AARN (Area Auto Racing News). I am not a subscriber but reading what others are posting about the article, AARN states that the #35 team will have Tyler Walker in the car and run at Williams Grove and Port Royal. BUT, I'm hearing Walkers next trial date is April 15th so there is a lot that has to happen before he sees the seat of a sprint car any time soon. I'm still checing on some stuff regarding Tylers current legal status.

UPDATE #1 - FACT - (4-3-13 @ 2:20 pm) - I've been receiving information regarding Tyler Walker's status and rumors about him returning to the seat of a sprint car in PA this summer. So, I've been doing some digging to see what I can find out about Tyler and I haven't been able to find out much. I found an article written by Mori Kessler on February 5th on the StGeorgeUtah.com HERE that states the following charges that Tyler faces. They are as follows.....Tyler faces several class B and class C misdemeanors related to drug possession and alcohol. He faces two drug-related third felonies. Also, Walker faces a class B misdemeanor for DUI, and a third degree felony for fleeing from police. The article states that the initial court date was postponed and rescheduled for March 11th but I have yet to find out what happened on March 11.

I've been told that Tyler Walker is still the driver of the Sorokach Motorsports #35. If the team wants to race and Tyler can't make it, Jessica Zemken will be the driver as JZ posted on her Facebook page. I'll keep digging for info. on this case and see what is happening.

FACT - (1-31-13 @ 6:30 pm) - Story broke this afternoon that Tyler Walker was arrested in Utah after a high speed chase that started in Nevada, went through Arizona and ended in Utah. Tyler was arrested for multiple charges and methamphetamines, marijuana, drug paraphernalia, and alcohol were found in the car. The chase started when Nevada police tried to stop Walker for speeding. You can read the rest of the story by clicking HERE.

You have to feel sorry for a guy like this but when someone has had several chances and still doesn't figure it out, it is hard to. He needs help and I hope he finally gets it for himself. Hopefully this is rock bottom for him and he turns his life around. Talent wasted.

Article Credit: Brad "IBRACN" Brown



FACT - (10-23-14 @ 9:35 pm CST) - Posted on the Lunstra/Dobmeier Motorsports Facebook page at about 8:30 pm CST...The Mark Dobmeier and Dave Lunstra Motorsports team have split...the following was posted on their Facebook page... It is with heavy hearts that we are announcing the conclusion of Dave Lunstra and Mark Dobmeier's racing partnership. Mark has decided to take a step back from our rigorous racing schedule and stick closer to home.
This partnership was very successful and could never be duplicated. Together, we won countless races, 2 World of Outlaw wins, 5 Huset Speedway track championships, a Knoxville nationals preliminary night win & 3 Knoxville national A main starts.The bonds and relationships that were established during our eight year partnership are unbreakable.
We want to thank our family, friend's, sponsor's and fans for your never ending love and support.

Dave & Jaime Lunstra
Lunstra Motorsports

PART 2 - I'm hearing that Mark Dobmeier will be driving for the Big Trucks by Jimco team. I'm guessing this is a newly formed race team because Big Trucks was a big sponsor of the #13 team so I'm guessing this is a newly formed race team. Interesting development for sure.

Article Credit: Brad "IBRACN" Brown



UPDATE #1 - FACT - (10-23-14 @ 9:50 pm CST) - I just received word that this deal isn't going to happen. Tommy Estes, Jr. was trying to buy the NCRA and attempt to boost the 360 series in the region. I guess it isn't meant to be as Tommy Estes, Jr. said it isn't going to happen after trying all he could to make it happen. This is another blow to 360 sprint car racing in this area as the ASCS Midwest region is dead as well. To save 360 sprint car racing in Nebraska, it is up to Dennis Parker and Randy Palmer with the Nebraska 360 Sprint Series. We need to circle the wagons and help this series out any way we can.

RUMOR - (9-11-14 @ 9:25 am CST) - The talk of the pits at last weekends ASCS Midwest races at Junction Motor Speedway and Eagle Raceway centered around Tommy Estes, Jr. The talk was that Tommy Estes, Jr. is trying to buy the NCRA sprint car series. The National Championship Racing Association is a 360 sprint car series based out of Kansas and has a long history there. The series held 14 races this season, most of which were in Wichita or Hutchinson, KS. The series made a couple of trips to Nebraska and one to Oklahoma.

The rumor is that Tommy Estes, Jr., formerly the ASCS National Tour competition director and now runs Dodge City Raceway Park) has investors to help purchase the organization.

It will be interesting to see how this all plays out in this upcoming off season.

Article Credit: Brad "IBRACN" Brown



FACT - (10-22-14 @ 9:35 pm CST) - Reported by PennLive.com, Jeremy Elliott stats that The Black Bandit Stevie Smith will return to the seat of the Rahmer/Pritchard Racing #51 team next year. The team will continue to run XXX Chassis and Don Ott Motors. They plan on running a similar schedule as in their 2014 campaign with between 20-30 races on their schedule. You can read the entire article by clicking HERE.

Article Credit: Brad "IBRACN" Brown



UPDATE #1 - FACT - (10-21-14 @ 8:30 am CST) - Just a reminder that if you are like me and can't attend the Short Track Nationals in person, the next best thing is to tune in LIVE on DirtonDirt.com for all four nights. Click HERE to get signed up.

FACT - (10-8-14 @ 9:00 am CST) - For the third consecutive year, Sprint Car fans around the world will be able to watch I-30 Speedway’s COMP Cams Short Track Nationals live on their computer screens through a live online pay-per-view production on www.shorttracknationals.com.

I-30 Speedway and Internet video production company DirtonDirt.com have again partnered to offer a live video production of the COMP Cams Short Track Nationals Oct. 23-25 as the country’s top Sprint Car drivers converge on I-30’s quarter-mile oval for the 27th running of one of the sport’s most prestigious events.

“We’re thrilled to be back and working with Tracey and her team again,” said DirtonDirt.com founder Michael Rigsby. “This event continues to grow, and we hope we can showcase that for the Sprint Car fans out there. One thing about Little Rock, it’s ALWAYS exciting, and the racetrack always produces something that fans remember. It should be another really good year in Little Rock, and online!”

The action-packed weekend kicks off with the Short Track Nationals Open on Wednesday night, Oct. 22. Added to the Short Track Nationals weekend last season, the Open was a major hit with competitors and fans alike. The standalone event pays $2,000 to the winner and provides a provisional starting spot for Saturday’s main event to the highest finishing driver among the top four to not make the A-Main.

Short Track Nationals preliminary action kicks off Thursday, Oct. 23 with a complete program of heat races, qualifiers, B-mains, and a 25-lap feature with the top three finishers locking into Saturday night's dash for cash and feature. The same program will be held Friday, Oct. 24, leading up to last-chance events and the $15,000-to-win main event on Saturday, Oct. 25.

The five-camera coverage will be hosted by veteran announcers Ben Shelton and Bryan Hulbert from inside the booth, while Scott Traylor of RacinBoys.com will provide reports and interviews from the pit area.

The Short Track Nationals live video production will have its own home on the Internet at www.shorttracknationals.com, where fans can go now to order their pay-per-view package. Single-night prices are set at $24.99 per night or fans can order a four-day package and watch the entire weekend’s action for just $69.99, a savings of over $30 over buying each night separately.

Fans are encouraged to follow the Short Track Nationals on Facebook at www.facebook.com/ShortTrackNationals and Twitter at www.twitter.com/ShortTrackNats (@ShortTrackNats). The official Twitter hashtag for the event and live video production is #ShortTrackNats.

Article Credit: Michael Rigsby



UPDATE #1 - FACT - (10-20-14 @ 9:20 am CST) - This rumor has been confirmed and is now fact. I just received a press release from Chad's wife, the press release is as follows....The end of the 2014 Sprint Car season is near, car owners, drivers, and teams are already getting things ready for the 2015 season. Car owners Rob and Rita Hunter are proud to announce they have hired Chad Kemenah to drive the Brilex, Seneca Energy Corp., Nighthawk Holdings Berlin Natural Bakery No.10H sprint car in 2015, but that’s not all. Brian Kemenah will also be joining the Hunter Racing Team as there Crew Chief.

“We are very excited to have Chad Kemenah as our driver and Brian Kemenah as our crew chief for the upcoming 2015 season,” says Hunter. “Brian and Chad bring a great deal of experience to our team, they both understand what it takes to win races on and off the track. They also take care of their equipment and they both have had a great deal of success in high profile races, not to mention they are also great with the fans. We are really looking forward to the upcoming season.”

After an eight year hiatus, Chad is reuniting with his Brother, Brian, for the upcoming season. “I am very excited about getting the opportunity to race with my brother again. He has been coming to the races with me for the last month, helping me with the car and it feels like we never stopped racing together. I’m already comfortable with him setting the car up and it’s a great feeling” said Kemenah.

“My wife Tracy and my father-in-law Bob Hampshire have supported me enormously over the years and I couldn’t have done it without them or the support of our sponsors, but the time has come for us to leave the car owner role” Kemenah said.

“I never really intended on being a car owner, but it was just the cards we were dealt at the time. I am looking forward to getting back to my main focus as a driver again. I think with my brother’s help and Rob Hunter as my new car owner, we are going to put together a tough team. I couldn’t be more excited about this new deal that Rob and Rita have put together for us. I never thought I would have another chance at such a good ride with a car owner that can provide all the pieces for a successful race team and the bonus is that I have my brother back as my mechanic.”

In years past, the Kemenah brothers have posted Four Straight All Star Circuit of Champions titles, two World of Outlaw feature wins and a second place finish at the 2004 Knoxville Nationals. They are very appreciative of Rob Hunter for giving them this outstanding opportunity to come aboard his team for the upcoming season and they feel that he’s a great match for them as a car owner.

The team plans to run a full Renegade Sprint Series schedule next year as well as picking up some World of Outlaw races, the Knoxville Nationals, and possibly some 360 races in the mix.

Follow the latest news about Chad Kemenah on Facebook at Chad Kemenah Racing and on twitter at CKR_10H

RUMOR - (10-15-14 @ 11:30 am CST) - Recently, the Hunter Motorsports team split with their driver Danny Holtgraver. Holtgraver joined the Phoenix Racing #59 leaving the seat of the #10H vacant. Well, I'm hearing that Chad Kemenah will be the new driver of the #10H for the rest of the year and into 2015. Remember, this is just a rumor at this time.

Article Credit: Brad "IBRACN" Brown



FACT - (10-17-14 @ 9:35 am CST) - With so many race tracks cutting back or closing, good news from Ohio. Millstream Speedway will be re-opening this spring. The track has been closed for the past three years but will re-open after Randy and Lisa Hammer reached a three year agreement with track owners Greg and Mary Beth Roe. A schedule was not disclosed but the Hammer's stated it will include different forms of motorsports. You can read the full article by clicking HERE.

Article Credit: Brad "IBRACN" Brown



FACT - (10-15-14 @ 11:30 am CST) - Recently, Bryan Clauson Tweeted that he will be in the Roth Motorsports #83 when the World of Outlaws hit the track at Fremont Speedway this weekend. He will be subbing for the teams regular driver David Gravel. Gravel will be in California running a Roth Motorsports car at the Trophy CUp at Tulare's Thunderbowl Speedway.

Article Credit: Brad "IBRACN" Brown



UPDATE #4 - FACT - (10-15-14 @ 3:20 pm CST) - Posted on the National Speed Sport News website, the new name for this series is the National Sprint League. Chuck Zitterich has been named the competition director and Bill Wright as the public relations director. Read up on the new announcement by clicking HERE.

UPDATE #3 - FACT - (10-8-14 @ 4:15 pm CST) - This new series sent out a press release this afternoon stating that they have agreed to have four shows at Knoxville Raceway next season. The show dates are May 9, June 27 for $5,000 to win, July 4, and Aug 29 with another $5,000 to win race. Also, it was announced that they will be running at Eagle Raceway in Eagle, NE on May 8...the first time a winged 410 race has take place at Eagle Raceway in many years. If the same driver wins the race at Eagle and follows it up with a win at Knoxville on the next night, they will get a $20,000 bonus arranged by Phil and Ryan Durst of Durst Motorsplex in Lincoln, NE. Look for more races to be announced in the near future.

UPDATE #2 - FACT - (9-23-14 @ 11:40 am CST) - Well now the cat is out of the bag. Wayne Johnson was on Winged Nation this morning and revealed that Tod Quiring of Big Game Tree Stands is behind this new series. Tod is trying to build this series to give more drivers more opportunities to run more 410 sprint car races in the upper midwest. Again, they are not going to compete against any track or series to schedule these races. Wayne said that they plan on running about 4 races at Knoxville Raceway and Huset's Speedway as part of their schedule. They are working to put this thing together and have a ways to go but if it all works out like they want, this will be a huge shot in the are for 410 sprint car racing in this area. Wayne thinks this series will have a lot more cars at their races then then currently are thinking...I sure hope so.

UPDATE #1 - FACT - (9-18-14 @ 9:30 am CST) - I got the information that I have been looking for regarding this new series.

The Midwest Outlaw Sprint Series is happening. The quote regarding the objective of the MOSS series "is to create a series that unites drivers/owners, all current Midwest series ie: IRA, MOWA, as well as promoters and race tracks." The goal is to bring a great group of teams together for a 30-40 race schedule. This new series WILL NOT compete against any series or track. The MOSS series wants to work with tracks and series to give 410 teams more opportunities to race and build 410 sprint car racing in this region.

The series is currently looking for a competition director and 1-2 additional support personnel. A very solid group of investors have established a very attractive point fund for the Midwest Outlaw Sprint Series. The series will hold mid-week, Friday, and Sunday events.

The minimum purse a feature will pay is $3,000 to win, $2200 for second, $1,000 for 5th, and $500 to start. The $350,000 points fund is broken down with $75,000 to win, $50,000 for second, $25,000 for 5th, $10,000 for 10th, and $6,000 for 15th.

A schedule is currently being pieced together and will be announced at a later date. Everyone get ready to welcome the Midwest 410 Outlaw Sprint Series to the Midwest (MN, IA, ND, SD, IL, NE, KS).

STRONG RUMOR - (9-9-14 @ 7:40 am CST) - While at Eagle Raceway on Sunday night, I got wind that there is a proposal out there for a new 410 Sprint Car series being developed for the midwest region. The series will be about 30-35 races that will be run in ND, SD, NE, KS, IA, MO and possibly other neighboring states. This is not to put any other series out of business or in competition of any other series but to give 410 teams more opportunities to race.

The series will have a very good points fund, paying the champion $75,000 to win. The drop off isn't that bad either with 10th place paying $15,000. If I'm not mistaken, the series plans to pay back to 15th spot. I'm trying to get more information about this series so if anyone has more info, please send it my way to ibracn1@yahoo.com .

Article Credit: Brad "IBRACN" Brown



FACT - (10-14-14 @ 5:20 pm CST) - Big Game Motorsports just sent out a press release announcing that Danny "The Dude" Lasoski has joined the team as the driver for the remainder of the 2014 racing season. They will start out at Atomic Speedway on the weekend of October 25 for the $15,000 to win event. They will end their season at the World Finals in Charlotte, NC with the World of Outlaws. You can read the press release by clicking HERE.

Article Credit: Brad "IBRACN" Brown