STRONG RUMOR - (7-28-15 @ 10:45 pm) - Jac Haudenschild does have a ride for the Knoxville Nationals. He will be driving the #1CB machine. A lot of people ask, which car is that? The car is the #1CB out of Palmyra, Nebraska. Craig Bolz Farms is the owner. Not a lot of people are familiar with this team but this is the same team that Jac's son, Sheldon drove for last year at Knoxville. This same car will be the #1B that Sheldon Haudenschild will be driving for the 360 Nationals.

Article Credit: Brad "IBRACN" Brown



FACT - (7-28-15 @ 12:40 pm) - Brady Bacon is looking for help. He Tweeted that he will be racing at Knoxville Raceway this Saturday and is in need of some crew help. Contact him if you are interested. On Twitter, he can be reached at @BradyBacon. You can contact him through his web site by clicking HERE.

Article Credit: Brad "IBRACN" Brown



UPDATE #4 - FACT - (7-27-15 @ 12:45 pm CST) - Here is a list of 360 drivers that I have confirmed at racing this week at I-80 Speedway. This is an incomplete list as I'm still working on contacting drivers and teams.

Aaron Reutzel
Johnny Herrera
Wayne Johnson
Seth Bergman
Matt Covington
Blake Hahn
Jordan Weaver
Danny Lasoski
Willie Croft
Stu Snyder
Billy Alley
Jack Dover
Lee Grosz
Tyler Drueke
Ryan Roberts
Dusty Zomer
Jordan Boston
Cody Ledger
Jason Danley
Justyn Cox
Seth Brahmer

UPDATE #3 - FACT - (7-27-15 @ 11:30 am CST) - This great event is just 3 days away. Here is a list of 410 drivers that will be at this show. I'm working on a list of 360 drivers at this time.

For Sure:
Danny Lasoski (both - the #2 and his #33)
Tim Kaeding
Terry McCarl
Brian Brown
Ian Madsen
Bill Balog
Bryan Clauson
Mark Dobmeier
Willie Croft
Stu Snyder (both)
Dakota Hendrickson
Brooke Tatnell
Lynton Jeffrey
Austin McCarl
Tasker Phillips
Dusty Zomer

Matt Juhl
Chris Martin
Austin Johnson
Davey Heskin
Brad Loyet
Kaley Gharst
Josh Schneiderman
Logan Forler
Kevin Ingle
Brandon Stevenson
Ryan Bunton

Remember: this show has a $140,000 purse with the NSL guys running for $5,000 on Thursday and $10,000 on Friday. The ASCS guys are running for $3,000 on Thursday and $4,000 on Friday. If one driver can win all four shows, there is a $20,000 bonus. See you at I-80 Speedway on Thursday...the weather looks great.

UPDATE #2 - FACT - (7-21-15 @ 11:25 am CST) - What has been billed as the The Road To Knoxville event at I-80 Speedway has gotten better. Originally, the purse was set at $125,000 for the NSL and ASCS National tour double header. That has been bumped up to $140,000. There are a lot of drivers that are expected to participate in this great event. I have confirmed that California driver Willie Croft will be stopping by on his way to Knoxville. He will be doing double duty and running the 410 and 360. Justin Cox stated that he will most likely be stopping by as well.

This is the largest sprint car pay out in Nebraska sprint car racing history. Racing will start at 7:00 both nights. Ticket prices are $35.00 and $10.00 for ages 6-10. You can get a $6.00 discount coupon at local U-Stops, O'Reilly Auto Parts, and Casey's General Stores. Mark your calendars.

UPDATE #1 - FACT - (5-29-15 @ 4:00 pm CST) - It is official...the ASCS just released the official press release stating that the ASCS National tour will be a part of this great event. The ASCS will bring their show to town and share the spotlight with the National Sprint Tour. Two different sanctioning bodies at the same track for a two day show. The ASCS portion of the event will pay $3,000 to win the first night and $4,000 to win the second night.

Race fans in the upper Midwest should get excited for this event. Stay tuned for more details as they come available.

FACT - (5-28-15 @ 7:55 pm CST) - Big news coming out of the state of Nebraska. An announcement will be out soon about a big event just added to the I-80 Speedway schedule for July 30-31. What originally was scheduled as a one day NSL show has been changed. The NSL will race a two day show with an added purse. The first night will pay $5,000 to win and the second night will pay $10,000 to win.

Local business owner and huge sprint car racing supporter, Phil and Ryan Durst of Durst Motorsports and Huffman Productions Inc. is leasing the track to promote the show with I-80 Speedway. There is more news coming about this event and will be released tomorrow.

Great news for sprint car fans in and around Nebraska.

Article Credit: Brad "IBRACN" Brown



FACT - (7-27-15 @ 11:40 am) - The Motorsports Safety Education Foundation's purpose is to educate motorsports competitors with the knowledge they need to participate for a lifetime. They have spent the last 18 months building a web site full of interactive safety classes.

The organization wishes to expand the information and is asking for help with raising funds to help fulfill that goal. They are calling it the "Raise $50,000 in 50 Days" campaign. The web site is located HERE. You can donate by clicking HERE. They have a long ways to go with $750.00 raised and 45 more days to go.

Article Credit: Brad "IBRACN" Brown



UPDATE #2 - FACT - (7-21-15 @ 1:40 am CST) - The following is a response from Huset's Speedway regarding their point system and the reasons behind it....Huset's Speedway has a long-standing rule in place that allows championship contenders to use one provision during the course of a season. We have several reasons for this.

First, as a Sunday night track, it is very possible for a championship contender to have a car destroyed at an event on Friday or Saturday and have it become impossible to complete on a Sunday. For this reason, we've allowed drivers to borrow a car and compete or have another driver compete with the contender's number on it.

Secondly, we also understand that racing can't be an absolute commitment for everyone. In the past, we have had drivers use provisionals to attend the birth of a child, miss a night for a gravely ill family member or for military leave.

Third, its a lesser of two evils type of situation. Consider this, if a driver knows he/she has to miss an event (for any reason) that can dissuade that driver from ever attending at Huset's. However, if that driver can find another car or driver to substitute for him/her, then that driver may be able to commit for a full season.

There are policies in place to keep this from being abused. A driver may not use a provisional in order to compete at another event. A provisional comes with a cost of $50. That money is then given to the hard charger in that division's feature of the night. Huset's also reserves the right to "black out" provisionals for certain events, such as championship night.

A lot has been made about Tim Kaeding's points, however, it should be noted that we had three provisionals on Sunday: (hobby stock) Chad Kuhnert, (outlaw sprints) Tim Kaeding and Austin McCarl. Other drivers who have used provisionals this year include Craig Hanisch and Joe Riedel (military provisionals).

UPDATE #1 - FACT - (7-20-15 @ 1:20 pm CST) - Rob Ristesund, writer for the Sioux Falls Argus Leader, Tweeted that this has been a long standing rule at Huset's Speedway. I guess it isn't a well known rule.

FACT - (7-20-15 @ 8:00 am CST) - So how do you earn full points for a night of racing and not even be present at the track, or even in the state? You race at Huset's Speedway.

I'm hearing that Tim Kaeding will be awarded full points on Sunday night and he wasn't even there. He was on his way home to take care of some personal business and couldn't race at Huset's Speedway. Clint Garner subbed for him in the Lunstra #3. But, if you look at the results from the track, they list Tim Kaeding as finishing second. Race Monitor has Clint Garner as finishing second.

How do you get full points and not race? Usually, when a driver is injured and can't race, the driver is awarded show up points but never full points. It would be interesting to hear what Huset's Speedway's reasoning is behind awarding full points to a driver that didn't race.

Article Credit: Brad "IBRACN" Brown



UPDATE #2 - FACT - (7-21-15 @ 11:30 am CST) - Two laps remain for the lap sponsor program to be completed. Please contact me for more information but they need someone to purchase two more laps. This program will add $6,000 to the drivers pockets. What a great effort by Alan DeHaai and company to put this together for the drivers and teams.

UPDATE #1 - FACT - (6-24-15 @ 2:00 pm CST) - An update on the lap sponsorship program for the Fall Brawl. Alan DeHaai has worked his but of and has all but 12 spots filled. He is still looking for 12 more sponsors in an effort to add $6,000 to the purse in lap money. The top three driver in each lap will get a portion of the lap money. Please contact me or Alan DeHaai if you are interested in sponsoring one of the 12 remaining laps.

FACT - (6-11-15 @ 10:00 pm) PST - Alan DeHaai is currently beginning the process of securing lap sponsors for the Casey's General Stores Midwest Fall Brawl IV at I-80 Speedway on Sept 18th & 19th. Laps are $100 each and we are having 30 lap a-mains each night. Each lap payout would be $50 for leading, $30 for 2nd, and $20 for 3rd. This years Casey's General Stores Midwest Fall Brawl IV will pay $5000 to win each night and if a driver can sweep both nights, they will receive a $20,000 bonus for doing so. We currently have (17) of the 60 laps sold. Stan Cisar of Action Signs makes up (2) signs with all the lap sponsors on it, (1) sign gets put in the pits and the other gets put in the grandstands by the flag stand so all of the fans can see who sponsored laps. Also, Stan Cisar is an announcer for I-80 Speedway and he calls out all the laps sponsors for that particular night at least three times. If you and or someone or a business would be interested in a lap or two, please send me a message. Alan would like to fill this up rather quickly so that we can start advertising this on the Internet. All help is GREATLY appreciated.

Article Credit: Brad "IBRACN" Brown



UPDATE #1 - RUMOR - (7-20-15 @ 1:15 pm CST) - I'm hearing that the price tag to purchase Junction Motor Speedway is $1.9 million dollars. I have not confirmed this but this is the number I heard over the weekend.

FACT - (7-14-15 @ 6:45 pm CST) - I just found out that Junction Motor Speedway in McCool Junction, NE is for sale. The central Nebraska dirt track has hosted many sprint car races over the years from the World of Outlaws, ASCS, USAC, Ne 360 Sprints, and midgets. The ad says a Turn Key Fantastic Dirt Track for sale. The facilities are awesome and not that old. It is considered a 3/8 mile track with 12% of banking in the corners. The track hosts NASCAR sanctioned races weekly with late models, modifieds, hobby stocks, 4 cylinders, and cruisers. If interested, contact Tom Cornwell at 402-694-9104.

This track has been a great host to many sprint car races over the years. I hope the right person buys it and keeps it open because I would hate to lose another dirt track for the sprint cars.

Article Credit: Brad "IBRACN" Brown



FACT - (7-12-15 @ 11:30 am CST) - Williams Grove Speedway's Twitter account posted that Pennsylvania driver Scott Geesey was injured in a Super Sportsman sprint car wreck last night at Williams Grove. He was transported to the hospitlal with an arm injury. While he was at the hospital, his wife went into labor and their son Owen was born. By all reports on Scott's Facebook page, baby and mom are doing well and Scott will be okay.

Here's to a speedy recovery for Scott and Congrats on the addition to the family.

Article Credit: Brad "IBRACN" Brown



UPDATE #1 - FACT - (7-12-15 @ 7:50 pm CST) - White Lightening Motorsports has released a press release with their side of the story regarding their drivers DS from Knoxville Raceway. This is a copy and paste from the press release in its entirity... White Lightning Motorsports wants to set the record straight following shocking news within the last week.
The team's home track of Knoxville Raceway disqualified Devin Kline from his most recent 305ci feature victory - his fourth of the season - on June 27 because of what was deemed an illegal right rear tire. Kline was forced to forfeit the trophy and money earned as well as first-place points, which dropped him to fourth in the championship standings.

Here is the official statement from White Lightning Motorsports Co-Owner Jody Hegwood:
"After Devin won the feature on Midseason Championship Night the race track took samples of our right rear tire in our pit area an hour after the 410 checkered flag fell. We had to go get the Knoxville tech officials three times to get them to come down and get samples that they said they wanted. It was stated in the drivers meeting that night that they were going to take samples of the top three in all classes. They took no samples from the 410s because their tires were bald from the rubber-down race track. They took samples from the top three in the 360 class and only Devin's tire in the 305 class. Devin wasn't even the fastest car on the track. Chris Walraven blew a tire leading and Kade Hidgay would have won if he drove decent laps. People always think we are cheating because we win the majority of the 305 races. Our 305 has been teched at Knoxville Raceway 13 times in the last three and a half years and has never been found illegal. We don't have a roller cam, bigger lifters, domed pistons, etc. We have a very good working race car, a great running engine and a very talented race car driver. As for our DQ and supposed use of tire softeners here is what we know:
1. When (Knoxville Raceway Competition Director) John McCoy showed us the results of the tire sample it said H15 did not conform. Our tire was an ASCS medium. When I brought this to John McCoy's attention he said that must be a typo. I informed him that typos don't exist in situations like this. I called and talked to Kevin at Blue Ridge Labs and spoke to him about several different factors. I asked him if he checked our sample as an H15 or an ASCS medium. He would not answer that question as he said that is propriety information that belongs to Knoxville Raceway. I told him we used Black Magic (tire shine) on the sidewalls of our tires to make the tires look good to our fans. We use WD-40 on the wheels to remove grease and baby oil on the car. Kevin stated they considered these items as topical and they have found that centrifugal force and friction with the race track remove these and aren't an issue. Our car was rolled through the pits and teched well after numerous fans had been around our car. Centrifugal force and friction now no longer apply.
2. Kevin from Blue Ridge Labs also stated that they could not tell how much of the chemical nor if the chemical had been directly applied (or soaked) into a tire. He also stated that in the right situations the tire can get chemicals transferred to it without being in direct contact to that chemical. I spoke with Shannon Rush from Hoosier Tire and asked him if the rubber compound of an H15 and ASCS medium are different and he said most definitely. The H15 is a softer compound and has a different rubber and chemical composition.
3. How many racers have gotten tires, mounted them up and found they don't roll out to what they should? We have taken tires back to Jamie Moyle twice ourselves this year and traded them in for other tires. How do we know the history of that tire before we get it? We don't. Someone could have done something to that tire and not had it rolled out to what they wanted and returned it. John McCoy said that the chemicals found in our tire had been there for a while and it wasn't the new tire. It had a date code of 2014. Every tire that we have run on our race car this year has come from Jamie Moyle and was bought new this year. Is Hoosier selling us old inventory or did someone trade that tire back into Moyle this year? Shannon from Hoosier stated that most tire dealers in the country have went to a no-return policy just for this reason. Jamie Moyle currently does not have a no-return policy. Because of this we went to Hoosier Midwest on Friday, July 10, and bought a new inventory of tires (12 right rears, 12 left rears and 4 fronts) so we could know the history of our tires. Any of you racers that don't do this, you should.
"WE DID NOT DO ANYTHING TO THE TIRE ON DEVIN'S CAR BESIDES GROOVE AND SIPE IT. If we were doping tires and got caught we could just stop and be ok. However, we didn't do anything to his tire and now we have to take extra precautions to make sure this injustice doesn't happen to us again. There have been several people on social media talking about this and you all need to realize this very thing can happen to you. We are supposed to get a report of the chemicals that are supposedly in the tire so we can hire our own lab to run tests and confirm Blue Ridge Labs results. Then we will run the chemical compositions of the products that we use around our car and see if that's where the chemicals came from. We will do everything in our power to exonerate our names and do away with this injustice.
"On another note we just received our brand new 305 engine with the latest updates from Ostrich Racing Engines and Jamie Ball will be running a second car for White Lightning Motorsports for the remainder of the year in the 305 class at Knoxville Raceway."

FACT - (7-12-15 @ 9:45 am CST) - There has been a disqualification at Knoxville Raceway. 305 sprint car driver Devin Kline won the feature event on June 27 at Knoxville Raceway, his fourth on the year. That win has been taken away from him and the White Lightening Motorsports #5J. This really hasn't been announced, nor has the reason for the DQ.

Now, the rest of the story. Kline's win has been taken away from him because there was an illegal substance was found on/in his tire. This drops him from second in points down to fourth. If you look at the Knoxville Raceway web site under the June 27 results. The writeup under the 305 feature has Kline winning but he is listed as finishing 20th.

Kade Higday is awarded the win so Congrats on getting his first win at the historical 1/2 mile. It is his first win of his career in a sprint car that started last year.

I'm hearing that Knoxville is starting to crack down on rule violators and this just may be the start of it.

Article Credit: Brad "IBRACN" Brown



FACT - (7-8-15 @ 2:25 pm CST) - There has been a lot of questions and speculation as to where the Roth Motorsports #83 team has gone. David Gravel started out the season in the car but left early in the season. Craig Dollansky filled the seat for a few shows with poor results. Since then, the car has been off of the WoO tour with no word from Roth as to what is going on with the team. I've been on vacation for the past 2 wks and haven't been able to keep up on things. I just listened to the June 30th Sprint Car Unlimited show on PennLive.com which had Craig Dollansky on the show.

Dollansky was asked about the status of the Roth ride. Craig stated that he hasn't heard from the team a few weeks. The car was called back to California and is setting in the Fresno race shop. He stated that the team has gone through some personnel changes since but hasn't heard anything from the team.

Today, it was released that Aaron Reutzel will get into the seat of the Roth #83 car for the Howard Kaeding Classic at Ocean Speedway in King of the West series action. This is a short term deal as Reutzel is committed to the full ASCS National Tour.

I guess this answers one question about the #83 car but several remain.

Article Credit: Brad "IBRACN" Brown